Clean energy & energy efficient infrastructure
drive a competitive economy.

Congress and President Biden: Secure the future

As President Biden and Congress work to strengthen the U.S. economy and its global competitiveness through executive action and legislation, the Business Council for Sustainable Energy calls for transformative energy, climate and infrastructure policies that advance deployment of energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy solutions across the country. See our September 27 letter to Congressional leadership for policy recommendations.

Congress has passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which includes key provisions to support the clean energy transition and American infrastructure resilience. Congress' continuing work on additional clean energy policy in the Build Back Better Act is also important to these goals. After President Biden signs any legislation, the Department of Energy and other federal agencies will begin work on implementing programs, and the private sector will be partners in delivering results for the American people.

Clean energy and energy efficiency are pillars of American industry

Over 3 million Americans earn a living in the clean energy economy, and these industries would support hundreds of thousands of new jobs with federal policy.

The U.S. clean energy industry had $240 billion in U.S. revenue in 2020 and should expand to continue serving world-wide demand.

America’s clean energy transformation has kept power prices low, supporting prosperity for all.

To lead in 21st century industries, America needs a modern energy system

Americans rely on reliable clean energy and the infrastructure it powers: cellular networks, pipelines, data centers, hospitals, first responders, and water and sewer treatment.

Improved electric transmission and distribution infrastructure would support cleaner, more resilient and affordable power and enable the transition to electric vehicles.

Healthy and resilient buildings require enhanced efficiency and digital energy management tools.

Wide use of renewable gas and hydrogen requires new and upgraded facilities and appliances that can utilize existing distribution infrastructure.

Climate change puts American infrastructure to the test

Civil engineers and disaster experts call for urgent resilience investments in American infrastructure.

America’s infrastructure must be upgraded for resilience to more frequent and intense extreme weather.

Energy efficiency and integrated clean energy systems reduce pressure on US infrastructure to withstand extreme climate change.