Saving Energy, Saving Lives: Energy Efficiency as a Climate Unifier

At the America Is All Action Center, BCSE led an interdisciplinary discussion on energy efficiency solutions. Framing energy efficiency as a “climate unifier,” attendees heard from academic and industry experts on how advancing energy efficiency can reduce emissions, bring cost savings and resiliency to low income communities, and drive job growth.

Paula Glover, President of the Alliance to Save Energy, painted energy efficiency as the “great economic driver” that represents the largest employer in the U.S. energy sector and offers an entry toward good-paying jobs and future entrepreneurship. Dr. Destenie Nock, Assistant Professor, Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University, discussed the power of energy-efficient appliances and improvements to reduce the energy burden on low income communities and the importance of centering policy around real world challenges.

Bob Hinkle, CEO of Metrus Energy, shared insights on financing options for energy efficiency projects, including Energy-as-a-Service and blended finance, which are key for opening markets worldwide. Helen Walter-Terrinoni, Director of Global Climate Policy at Trane Technologies, highlighted the power of passive cooling infrastructure and discussed the deployment of energy efficiency technologies around the world.

The event concluded with a fireside chat with David Turk, Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy, who announced, “Energy efficiency is the biggest no brainer there is out there!” He spoke on energy efficiency rebates and conservation block grants funded by the Inflation Reduction Act and the bipartisan infrastructure law to accelerate energy efficiency implementation nationwide.

Speakers included:


DATE: December 5, 11:00 – 11:55

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