What Industry Executives Are Saying: The 2024 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook and the Progress of the Energy Transition
February 22, 2024

About the 2023 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook and the Progress of the Energy Transition

February 22, 2024 – The Business Council for Sustainable Energy and BloombergNEF recently released the twelfth edition of the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook. It is available to download for free at bcse.org/factbook.

The Factbook provides a comprehensive look at the progress of clean energy – energy efficiency, natural gas, and renewable energy – in the United States, providing both year-on-year and decade-long statistics.

Pauline McLean, Senior Vice President, External Relations and Chief Legal Officer, Capital Power

“The Factbook delivers an invaluable, comprehensive look at trends and innovations across our industry for those accelerating affordable, reliable, decarbonized energy across the U.S. These critical insights provide a blueprint to navigating the clean energy future – a must-read for leaders in this space.”

Heather Reams, President, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) Forum

“The Factbook is a pivotal tool that not only provides us with a snapshot of clean energy development in the United States but also exposes the regulatory hurdles and permitting challenges that block economy-boosting clean energy projects. CRES Forum is a proud sponsor of the 2024 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook because its findings are imperative to harnessing the economic and environmental potential that clean energy offers to the United States.”

Lynn Abramson, President, Clean Energy Business Network (CEBN)

“The Factbook demonstrates that policy signals and private sector demand are spurring record deployment of clean energy, including clean power generation, storage, electric vehicles, carbon capture and storage, cleantech manufacturing, and more. Now we must challenge ourselves to continue decarbonizing our economy even more quickly, affordably, and equitably. We can drive down the emissions curve and unlock new economic opportunities for small businesses and communities across America.”

Gregg Mast, Executive Director, Clean Energy Economy Minnesota (CEEM)

“The Factbook is an invaluable tool that informs how our organization discusses the clean energy transition happening in America. Likewise, policymakers we work with look forward to its annual publication because of its thorough, high-quality, relevant content that includes data they need to make informed decisions.”

Joel Yu, Vice President, Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Enchanted Rock

“The 2024 Factbook is essential reading for those looking to obtain a holistic picture of the ongoing transformation of the United States energy sector. While the industry has made tremendous strides toward cleaner, more affordable, and more reliable energy for all, there are still challenges ahead. Enchanted Rock, as a leading microgrid company, is working on the front lines to improve power resiliency against increasing weather and climate disasters, to enable the reliable integration of renewables to meet rapidly increasing electric demand, and to provide much needed rapidly deployable, localized electricity supply for the grid.”

Katie McGinty, Vice President and Chief Sustainability and External Relations Officer, Johnson Controls

“We are at a critical inflection point when it comes to climate change. While buildings account for nearly 40 percent of global emissions, the technology exists today to get to net zero through a combination of energy efficiency, electrification, and digitalization. By touching on all three topics, this year’s Factbook serves as a critical checkpoint on the progress we’ve made and helps build momentum for continued strides toward a more sustainable future.”

Ben Ratner, Executive Director, Sustainability, JPMorgan Chase

“This year’s Factbook demonstrates the massive business opportunity in building a low-carbon U.S. economy and identifies issues policymakers must address to enable more private capital to flow. As JPMorgan supports businesses in decarbonizing the energy mix while meeting energy security needs, thoughtful public policy can help markets deliver.”

Justin Koscher, President, Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association (PIMA)

“With the ‘decarbonization’ buzzword at the forefront of today’s energy policy discussions, the Factbook delivers data that demonstrates an ‘all of the above’ approach is critical to achieving our shared goals. The continued investments in energy-efficient technologies – particularly in the building sector with products like building envelope insulation – are creating a solid foundation for the deployment of other clean energy technologies.”

Jeannie Salo, Vice President of Government Relations, Schneider Electric North America

“The Factbook continues to serve as an invaluable snapshot of where we are in America’s energy transformation. Schneider Electric is engaged in many of the sectors covered in this report, delivering solutions and services that help businesses reduce their carbon footprint, generate their own clean energy, and increase their energy efficiency. We can also see the acceleration to a cleaner future in the demand we’re seeing from our clients. Recently enacted federal laws, particularly the Inflation Reduction Act, bipartisan infrastructure law, and the CHIPS Act, are empowering Schneider Electric and our clients to reach our sustainability and resiliency goals. As this data shines a light on how far we’ve come and where these sectors are headed, Schneider Electric is proud to be at the forefront of our nation’s energy future.”

Lisa Larroque Alexander, Chief Sustainability Officer, Sempra

“BCSE’s 2024 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook serves as a vital resource for understanding the progress and opportunities surrounding the journey toward a sustainable and resilient energy future. As the parent company of some of the largest energy delivery networks on the continent that serve a combined 40 million consumers, we value these insights and look forward to playing our part in harnessing innovation to advance a better future for all.”

Scott Tew, Vice President, Sustainability and Managing Director, Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, Trane Technologies

“Packed with the latest energy data and insights, the Factbook is an invaluable resource that will educate and guide government and industry officials on the possibilities available to each sector as we transition to a decarbonized economy. By highlighting positive climate and energy policy and changes in consumer behavior, it shares successful stories and future needs of companies like Trane Technologies, who are working together to improve energy efficiency, including energy demand met with renewables, and significantly reduce carbon emissions.”

Elizabeth Beardsley, Senior Policy Counsel, U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

“The BloombergNEF and Business Council for Sustainable Energy 2024 Factbook serves as an essential tool, showcasing the industry’s progress toward a net-zero future. The Factbook offers insights into key trends and metrics and highlights significant milestones toward an energy transition. The U.S. Green Building Council continues to be a strong BCSE partner and is committed to our shared goals of advocating for energy and environmental policies that foster markets for clean, efficient, and sustainable energy products and services.”

Melissa Adams, AVP, Policy Climate Solutions and Commercialization, Washington Gas

“Washington Gas is proud to continue sponsoring the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook – a vital source of information for policymakers and the public that relays the importance of how a portfolio of interdependent resources, including natural gas, renewables, and energy efficiency, are advancing the nation’s clean energy transition.”


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