What Industry Executives are Saying about the 2022 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook
March 4, 2022


About the 2022 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook and Clean Energy’s Progress in 2021

March 4, 2022 – The Business Council for Sustainable Energy and BloombergNEF recently released the tenth edition of the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook.  It is available for free to download at: http://www.bcse.org/factbook. The Factbook provides a comprehensive look at the progress of clean energy – energy efficiency, natural gas, and renewable energy – in the United States, providing both year-on-year and decade-long statistics.

Patrick Serfass, Executive Director, American Biogas Council

“The Sustainable Energy in America Factbook shows us that the clean energy economy with renewable electricity, gas, and heat is strong and further growth is within our grasp if we can muster the political will to support its growth in the United States.”

Heather Zichal, Chief Executive Officer, American Clean Power Association

“Surpassing over 200 gigawatts of utility-scale clean energy is a significant milestone for the United States and shows that we can achieve even more with strong public policy support for the industry. However, although the U.S. has reached this incredible achievement, more needs to be done, at a faster pace, to reach the climate goals and targets our country needs to achieve. We urge Congress to take action to create a clean energy future that will help create more good-paying American jobs and combat the climate crisis.”

Paula Glover, President, Alliance to Save Energy

“What the facts show is that even despite an economic downturn, energy efficiency continues to be the top clean energy jobs creator with 2.1 million jobs in every state in the country, the most effective solution for decarbonization as we address climate change, and the greatest tool for reducing energy costs here at home at a time when prices are on the rise. Energy productivity has surged 16.1% over the past decade, setting us up for a cleaner and more equitable energy future. But we won’t get there without doubling down on efficiency investments now to meet the considerable challenges on our doorstep. Efficiency is ready to meet this moment.”

Lynn Abramson, President, Clean Energy Business Network

“With last year’s record-breaking investments in clean energy and unprecedented deployment of clean generation, storage, and electric vehicles, the 2022 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook demonstrates that momentum for our sector has never been stronger. Small businesses are playing critical roles in these efforts to push sustainable energy forward. However, with the uptick in emissions, it’s clear we need to accelerate deployment, investment, and innovation across a suite of clean energy technologies.”

Miranda Ballentine, Chief Executive Officer, Clean Energy Buyers Association

“The Sustainable Energy in America Factbook trends highlight the accelerating pace of energy customer action and commitment to clean energy and decarbonization. Energy customers are going beyond procuring clean energy, advocating for cross-cutting clean energy policy, social impact, and true carbon-free solutions.”

Marisa Buchanan, Global Head of Sustainability, JPMorgan Chase

“The 2022 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook shows a rise in the demand for and development of renewable technologies that are playing a critical role in the transition to a lower-carbon economy. At JPMorgan Chase, we are committed to doing our part to facilitate this transition by accelerating green financing while simultaneously supporting emission reductions in carbon intensive sectors.”

Bob Hinkle, President & CEO, Metrus Energy

“The growing number of corporate GHG reduction commitments clearly shows there’s no turning back from the march to net zero. The timing of the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook release, coupled with the most recent IPCC report, also shows that even though 2021 was a record year for climate-positive investments, we need to find new ways to start implementing more sustainable energy projects on the ground now.”

Emily Duncan, Vice President, Federal Government Relations, National Grid and Chairman, BCSE Board of Directors

“As Chairman of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, I am incredibly proud of the work of the coalition to produce this one-of-a-kind resource. When BCSE started the Factbook project in partnership with BloombergNEF 10 years ago, BCSE members understood that a dramatic transformation was underway. We wanted to create a resource for policymakers and the public that told a holistic story, based on facts. A decade later, this work is more relevant than ever as energy and sustainability take center stage. The Factbook is a testament to how far our industries have come, and is a harbinger for future growth.”

Lisa Larroque Alexander, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, and Chief Sustainability Officer, Sempra

 “Each year, the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook provides vital insights about the progress and speed at which the global energy transition is accelerating, and where investment opportunities are needed to advance electrification and decarbonization. America is well on the path to securing its position as a leader in the energy transition through significant public and private investment across all sectors of our economy. Investment in energy transition assets in the U.S. increased 70% over the last five years, and Sempra is proud to help drive that growth. Today, we are more committed than ever to advancing electrification and decarbonization and investing in the critical infrastructure that will allow us to deliver increasingly cleaner energy to our nearly 40 million consumers across North America.”

Scott Sklar, President, The Stella Group, Ltd

“The significant upwards trends of renewable energy, high-value energy efficiency, and energy storage — strengthen US critical infrastructure against fuel supply changes & disruptions from global polical events, pandemic and health occurrences, a faulty and aging electricity grid, and from extreme weather and climate change impacts – all good news for American consumers and the US economy!”

Dan Whitten, Vice President, Public Affairs, Solar Energy Industries Association

“The Sustainable Energy in America Factbook by BCSE and BloombergNEF has been a great barometer over this last decade, not just of energy data, but also of changing conditions in energy markets. The 2022 edition showed in very clear terms how much we have grown as energy sectors and where we need to go to reach urgent clean energy and climate goals.”

Scott Tew, Vice President, Sustainability, and Managing Director, Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, Trane Technologies

“Buildings consume 40 percent of the nation’s energy; one of our greatest opportunities to reduce that consumption is to focus not only on new building construction but also on existing buildings. Critical solutions include strategic electrification, digital energy management and focusing on the total energy performance of a building.”

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