Solutions for a Net-Zero Economy: Progressing Renewable Fuel Opportunities
November 28, 2023

In celebration of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy’s 30th Anniversary, the Solutions for a Net-Zero Economy interview series promotes the leadership and innovation of clean energy businesses and the membership of BCSE. Featured speakers will showcase the broad range of technologies available to achieve sustainability objectives and a net zero economy.


By Carrie Annand and Maureen Walsh, Partners, SMART Policy Group

Three years ago, the two of us were working as solo practitioners within the clean energy space, until we came up with a bold idea – we could achieve a greater impact in pushing for clean energy policy by working together. Thus SMART Policy Group was formed, and is now made up of a strong team of energy and environmental policy experts with 35 years of collective experience. Our team believes in progressing Strategic, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely solutions that garner bipartisan support from the Biden Administration, the 117th Congress, and state legislatures across the country.

Together, we work with policymakers at the federal and state levels to implement policies that encourage the research, development, and deployment of green technologies. We know the clean energy transition can’t be achieved alone, and we value partnerships with organizations like BCSE. Many of our clients benefit from being involved with coalitions like BCSE that help them stay connected to policymakers on Capitol Hill and provide support in advocacy efforts.

Today the SMART Policy Group is working on advancing policies surrounding renewable power generation, fuels, recycling, and transportation technologies. One of our current areas of focus is on incorporating credits for generating renewable electricity, called eRINS, into the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program. This would support the transition to electric vehicles while simultaneously encouraging the conversion of waste into energy utilized by the biogas industry. Our team is also engaged with advocating for clean fuels policies at the state level, including by working with California on developing their Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

This winter, SMART Policy Group will be bringing our work to the international stage by joining BCSE’s delegation at COP 28. In Dubai, we will be discussing opportunities to advance the transition to a circular economy and celebrate businesses that are adhering to principles of circularity. We are excited to grow our partnership with BCSE and its members as we work to reduce waste and progress sustainable policies at the state, national, and international levels.

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