Mission Efficiency Drives Energy Efficiency Action Through Roundtable and Call to Action
December 5, 2023

In partnership with Edison Electric Institute and Sustainable Energy for All, BCSE co-hosted a roundtable discussion as part of a campaign to galvanize industry support for the inclusion of an energy efficiency target in the global stock take and COP 28 negotiated text, as well as in the next round of nationally-determined contributions (NDC)s. More than 50 industry, government, and energy efficiency advocates discussed public-private partnerships and how to expand access for financing for energy efficiency projects, with a focus on emerging markets. Participants planned how to expand the Mission Efficiency network and pursue further activities in 2024.

Following the roundtable, Mission Efficiency released a Call to Action for Parties to the Paris Agreement to commit to a doubling annual energy efficiency improvement and tripling annual energy efficiency investment. The Call to Action is supported by the countries of Ghana and Kenya, as well as members of the BCSE COP 28 delegation including International Copper Association, Metrus Energy, Signify, and U.S. Green Building Council.

“As world leaders negotiate the result of the global stock take, industry experts agree that jump-starting investment in energy efficiency is paramount to meeting the Paris Agreement goals. The business community has an essential role to play in directing investment and deploying energy-saving technologies,” said BCSE President Lisa Jacobson. BCSE pledged to advising policymakers in the U.S. on the market, technology and policy issues related to accelerating the scale up of energy efficiency.

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