2010s Deliver Decade of Clean Energy

An era of economic growth, reduced CO2 emissions and sharply falling energy costs for consumers

Over the past 10 extraordinary years, the United States has fundamentally overhauled how it produces, delivers and consumes energy. The 2020 edition of the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook – produced for the Business Council for Sustainable Energy by BloombergNEF, looks at the U.S. energy transformation of the past decade (2010 – 2019) and provides the annual update on the progress of energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy sectors in 2019 in America.


  • The energy productivity of the U.S. economy has increased by 17.6% since 2010 and 3.3% in 2019 alone.
  • Natural gas and renewable energy generated 56% of U.S. electricity in 2019, up from 34% in 2010.
  • Energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy now support over 3.2 million American jobs.
  • The carbon-intensity of the power sector continues to decline. From 2010 – 2019, power sector emissions fell nearly 25%.

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The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) is a coalition of companies and trade associations from the energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy sectors. The Council membership also includes equipment manufacturers, independent electric power producers, investor-owned utilities, public power, commercial end-users and project developers and service providers for energy and environmental markets.

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