Webinar: Leveraging Today’s Natural Gas Infrastructure for Tomorrow’s Energy Systems

Meeting the demand for low-cost, low-carbon energy requires innovative solutions, but they must be supported by infrastructure to be effective. GTI Energy’s collaborative research effort, the Net-Zero Infrastructure Program (NZIP), was designed to help understand how to evolve existing natural gas infrastructure to meet future energy needs.

NZIP focuses on the complete systems around existing infrastructure, including the facilities and equipment, the expertise that builds and maintains it, and the communities it serves. By convening diverse experts to conduct thoughtful and credible analysis, NZIP aims to create solutions that can lower emissions and enable economic growth.

Join GTI Energy experts Erin Blanton, Hon Xing Wong and Shadi Salahshoor, PhD for a discussion about NZIP’s research and its vision for an efficient, affordable, equitable, and accelerated energy transition. Register now to find out all that NZIP has to offer.


Date: November 14
Organizer: GTI Energy
Format: Virtual
Location: Virtual

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