Driving the Future: Electric Vehicle Event

Members of Congress will host an event on the Capital Grounds highlighting the availability of a diverse display of electric vehicles (EVs).  The event will showcase not only the current availability of these vehicles, but also the range of vehiclesan electric semi-truck, agriculture equipment, delivery van, and an ice cream truck.

Members of the House and Senate Electrification Caucus and the House Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition (SEEC), as well as participants will address the audience and answer questions from media during the event.

Members of Congress, policy makers, and other federal officials will be able to visit, tour, and potentially drive the vehicles and discuss their use and adoption with representatives from CALSTART, vehicle manufacturers, and our partners.  We also plan to have some of the drivers who use these vehicles daily in attendance to discuss their personal experiences, with a special focus on improved health and occupational safety.

Participating OEMS:  

  • Monarch Ag Tractor
  • Nikola Class 8 BEV
  • EV Ice Cream Truck – with ice cream
  • Workhorse class 6 vehicle


Date: June 7, 2023
Organizer: CALSTART
Format: In-person
Location: Washington, DC

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