Metrus Boosts Commitment to America is All In, Doubles Investment to $400 Million
December 9, 2023

Earlier this week at COP 28, Metrus Energy announced an increased commitment to America Is All In, pledging a $400 million investment in sustainable energy projects. This commitment also serves as a dedicated pledge to Mission Efficiency, reinforcing Metrus’ support for the global initiative to double the annual rate of energy efficiency improvements by 2030.

“Climate finance is front and center at COP 28 and accelerating investments in energy efficiency is critical,” said Metrus Founder and Executive Chairman Bob Hinkle. “Metrus is proud to champion this ambitious Mission Efficiency initiative and we see the immense potential for gains from this type of global collaboration. Crafting a sustainable future poses challenges but is achievable with the united action of the business community and national and sub-national governments doing all we can to mitigate CO2 emissions.”

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