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BCSE In The News

Worthy Tax Breaks for Housing and Clean Energy
December 4, 2015, The New York Times

To the Editor:

I disagree with Marc Short and Andy Koenig’s assertions about clean
energy’s costs and believe in the importance of stable tax policy for the
American economy.

All forms of energy in the United States benefit from federal incentives.
Conventional fuels have been subsidized for 100 years, and American
taxpayers have spent hundreds of billions and counting on their tax breaks,
dwarfing incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency deployment.
Allowing the lapsed clean energy tax provisions to languish undermines
investor confidence and jeopardizes continued economic and environmental

These successful tax provisions help stimulate an array of clean energy
technologies while lowering costs and keep the United States competitive in
the global technology race. For example, the renewable energy Production Tax
Credit, which Mr. Short and Mr. Koenig unfairly attack, has advanced wind
turbine technology and lowered costs 66 percent over six years.

Clean energy tax credits promote economic development, job creation and
a cleaner environment. In order to continue capturing these benefits, Congress
must restore marketplace stability by passing long­term tax certainty.

Business Council for Sustainable Energy