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BCSE In Action

February 19, 2021 (updated February 23, 2021)


About the 2021 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook and Clean Energy’s Progress in 2020

On February 18, the Business Council for Sustainable Energy and BloombergNEF released the ninth edition of the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook. It is available for free to download at: https://www.bcse.org/factbook. The Factbook provides a comprehensive look at the progress of clean energy - energy efficiency, natural gas, and renewable energy – in the United States, providing both year-on-year and decade-long statistics.

Paula Glover, President, Alliance to Save Energy

“There’s no doubt that 2020 was a challenging year and as we look to recovery in 2021, the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook provides us with information on where we are and where we need to go. The efficiency sector saw record job loss last year, and while we saw one bright spot in energy productivity, which had a record year, it is clear those results are not sustainable as the economy grows. To make the lower energy and emission rates of 2020 sustainable in the long run, we must double down on energy efficiency, which does more for our economy while using fewer resources. It’s a win for job growth, energy affordability, and climate action, and the 2021 Factbook provides all the more evidence for why we need to act on efficiency in 2021.”

Heather Zichal, CEO of the American Clean Power Association (ACP)

“2020 was a banner year for clean energy, with wind, utility solar, and energy storage each setting annual records for new capacity additions. The clean power industry is starting off the new decade on the right foot as we invest in American communities, add American jobs, and help address the threat of climate change, while delivering more and more clean, affordable electricity to meet demand from U.S. homes and businesses.”

Karen Harbert, President and CEO, American Gas Association

“Natural gas met the challenges of 2020 by delivering affordable, reliable and clean energy 24/7/365 to the nearly 180 million Americans that rely on it every day. We are an industry that always has our eyes on the future and the 2021 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook provides some valuable data and analysis as our energy industry continues to innovate to meet the needs of our customers and our nation’s energy and environmental goals.”

Lynn Abramson, President, Clean Energy Business Network (CEBN)

“The past year was a challenging one, including for many small businesses in the Clean Energy Business Network. But the 2021 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook gives us cause for optimism, as we continue to see record deployment of clean energy technologies and decarbonization of our economy. CEBN’s Faces Behind the Facts series profiles examples of business leaders behind these transformations of the U.S. energy economy. These stories showcase clean energy businesses and jobs are emerging in communities across the United States, building a cleaner, healthier, more resilient future for our nation.”

Zolaikha Strong, Director of Energy Policy & Sustainable Energy Markets, Copper Development Association

“The Sustainable Energy in America Factbook provides an essential perspective across clean energy markets. Even with 2020’s unpredictability, the clean energy sector set new records and provided affordable renewable energy to Americans. The copper industry, and other ancillary industries impacted by market demand, rely on the comprehensive market data provided by the BCSE and BloombergNEF.”

Nina Plaushin, Vice President, Regulatory & Federal Affairs, ITC Holdings Corp.

“The public and private sectors are more aligned than ever on the need to rapidly transition to low cost, lower-carbon generation sources, and the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook provides a roadmap for this emerging energy landscape.  Investment in transmission infrastructure to reach and deliver more renewable energy will be important to this national journey.  And there is growing support among legislators and policymakers in Washington, D.C., and the states for transmission infrastructure to serve as the backbone for this cleaner, greener energy network.”

Katie McGinty, Vice President & Chief Sustainability, Government and Regulatory Affairs Officer, Johnson Controls (JCI)

“The Sustainable Energy in America Factbook helps validate that, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, trends in clean energy and decarbonization are here to stay. It is these trends that will complement JCI’s ability to help our customers meet their ESG ambitions, while achieving our own.”

Emily Duncan, Chairman, BCSE Board of Directors and Director of Federal Government Relations, National Grid

“Given the business conditions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, we could not have fully imagined the resilience of these clean energy sectors and the growth that continued despite unprecedented headwinds.”

Justin Koscher, President, Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association

“The annual Sustainable Energy in America Factbook documents progress on achieving a more sustainable future and highlights the need for continued momentum. Ongoing investments in passive energy efficiency technologies like insulation will be critical to further reducing energy use in the built environment, enhancing resiliency, and protecting Americans from the shocks of weather events worsened by climate change.”

Lisa Alexander, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, and Chief Sustainability Officer, Sempra Energy

“The Sustainable Energy in America Factbook is a key resource to track the trends most relevant to the transition to net zero energy systems, including investments in sustainable energy infrastructure that enables renewables and natural gas, which are credited with the U.S. leading the world in emissions reductions.”

Abigail Ross Hopper, President and CEO, Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)

“COVID-19 presented many obstacles for the solar industry, but we remained resilient and had a record year in 2020. As we look ahead, solar, and solar plus storage will continue to be powerful tools to tackle the climate crisis, stimulate our economy, and help get Americans back to work. We will see tremendous growth over the next decade, but we must put equity at the forefront if we want to usher in an economy-wide clean energy transformation.”

Scott Sklar, President, The Stella Group and Adjunct Professor, GWU's Environment & Energy Management Institute

"What the 2021 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook trends highlight - as we have seen in the aftermath of the convergence of hurricanes in Puerto Rico and state-wide forest fires in California (and soon in the aftermath of the Texas grid melt-down) that distributed generation and microgrids incorporating high-value energy efficiency, natural gas, the entire portfolio of renewable energy and energy storage -- have made serious and important market inroads".

Paul Camuti, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, Trane Technologies 

“The pandemic had a wide-ranging impact on the production and consumption of energy. For us at Trane Technologies, the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook is a must-read and offers valuable insights to energy consumption within homes and buildings especially as we focus on creating healthier indoor environments. Implementing efficient and sustainable energy solutions is a big part of that. We also recognize our corporate responsibility to reduce energy consumption and have committed to 100% renewable energy sources within our own operations by 2030 and have joined The Climate Group’s RE100 and EP100 campaigns.”

For more information, please see the February 18 press release on the Factbook.

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