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BCSE In Action

November 19, 2016
Contact: Laura Tierney
Email: [email protected]

US Clean Energy Businesses Commit to Climate Action and Implementation of the Paris Agreement

Marrakech, Morocco—Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) President Lisa Jacobson offered the following statement on the conclusion of the 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC):

“US clean energy industries are committed to action on climate change and welcomed the progress made in Marrakech to implement the Paris Agreement. The adoption of the Marrakech Action Proclamation by 200 countries affirms strong global government leadership to reduce emissions and to prepare for the adverse impacts of climate change.

“The business case for climate action both at home and abroad is clear. It is rooted in market forces and policies that are incentivizing investment in clean energy and delivering greenhouse gas emissions reductions worldwide.

“Clear and sustained leadership from governments is critical to adopt policies at national and subnational levels that will direct the trillions of dollars of private sector investment in energy and infrastructure investments anticipated in the years ahead.

“The Council applauds the action-focused efforts demonstrated in Marrakech, including the announcement by the United States and other countries to provide $23 million additional funding to the Climate Technology Center and Network; and also the creation of the NDC Partnership, both of which are practical efforts designed to help countries with implementation.

“Looking ahead, there is great opportunity to make deep gains in mitigation and increased resilience by sharing best practices, policies and investment frameworks that we know work for deployment of existing clean energy technologies.

“The decisions taken at COP22 sharpen the focus and set a direction towards establishing a rulebook for implementation of the Paris Agreement by 2018. The rulebook will provide clarity in the key areas of transparency, measurement, reporting and verification, finance, technology deployment, and new market-based mechanisms.

“With a clear pathway forward, the private sector will continue to direct investments in low-carbon sectors.”

Please visit the BCSE website to learn more about our activities at COP 22: www.bcse.org/cop22.

Download the full press release.