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BCSE In Action

December 8, 2015

Ben Finzel, BCSE
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US Businesses Urge Strong Paris Agreement to Increase Clean Energy Investment
Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Natural Gas Industries
Call on Parties to Create Market Signals from Paris Agreement

Paris, France – Today, Lisa Jacobson, President of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE), along with a several member company executives, called for a strong agreement from governments at COP 21.

“I am optimistic that we will leave Paris this week with a meaningful agreement that can provide an effective course of action for businesses. While there is still a lot of work to do, the progress so far has been promising,” said Jacobson.

This year BCSE brought a delegation of companies and associations that made up the largest gathering of business leaders in the Council’s over 20-year history of COP engagement. Jacobson commented: “Not only does this reflect the growing clout of the clean energy sector, it also demonstrates that policy matters to the energy sector and informs investment decisions.” The Council represents businesses and trade associations that focus on developing products and services in the energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy sectors.

These businesses will play a vital role in helping nations meet their greenhouse gas reduction goals. “Our message to the negotiators is simple - there is already a growing and diverse mix of clean energy solutions that are commercially available for countries to achieve short-term reduction goals,” said

Jacobson. “All we need is a good policy framework; ideally a price signal on carbon emissions.”

Never has the global economy been better prepared to take strong action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to Kathryn Clay, Vice President of Policy Strategy for the American Gas Association, “Market forces and changing consumer behavior, when combined with smart public policies, are transforming how countries, like the United States, produce, deliver and consume energy. A strong agreement in Paris could further unleash a virtuous cycle of innovation and entrepreneur spirit within the energy sector.”

Throughout the conference, the BCSE delegation has been bringing its positive message to Paris. Both in one-on-one meetings and at dozens of side events, Council members shared their experiences in how the right public policies encourage private sector innovation and investment.

Council members offered additional views on the impact of COP 21 and their actions to address climate change:

Dan Delurey, President, Demand Response, Smart Grid Coalition

“We hope that the Agreement that will be reached later this week will be one that creates not only a new driver, but a new platform for allowing new smart grid technologies to make a greater contribution to addressing not only climate mitigation but also climate adaptation and resiliency.”

Steve Malnight, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, PG&E Corporation

“The case in favor of carbon pricing is increasingly backed by real-world results. California’s experience has proven that a well-designed cap-and-trade program can successfully curb emissions while allowing the economy to flourish. It has also been effective at encouraging innovation, such as PG&E’s Solar Choice option, which we created to allow customers to buy their electricity from solar sources.

KR Sridhar, Founder and CEO, Bloom Energy

"I'm here to tell the story that what is good for the planet is also good for the global economy. Technologies exist today that will help the developing world leapfrog to a 21st infrastructure that is affordable, accessible and environmentally sustainable."

The press conference can be watched at: http://unfccc6.meta-fusion.com/cop21/events/

Download the full press release.