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The President’s View: Good News Today and Good Work Ahead

Spring comes a month early on the clean energy calendar, with the release of the 2021 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook in February. BCSE and BloombergNEF have produced this resource for nine years, but never with the levels of disruption and uncertainty that we experienced in 2020.

Before we started on the Factbook research, we were prepared for bad news. Even though clean energy was coming out of a decade of sustained growth, and urgency for climate action is at an all-time high, it was hard to believe that the industries would be able to continue their expansion during the pandemic.

As we worked, however, the numbers added up to record years for renewable energy development and liquid natural gas exports. While residential energy efficiency was held back by COVID-19 precautions, commercial buildings covered by energy efficiency and disclosure policies increased. Electric, fuel-cell and natural gas vehicle sales all stayed steady or grew, while gasoline vehicle sales fell sharply.

These results reflect the maturity of the clean energy industries, and unstoppable momentum for the energy transition. While our work is far from over, as we plan for the future we can recognize that the rubber has hit the road and we are flying forward.

There is real optimism in Washington, D.C. While the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change remain daunting, we are in a season of renewal that will underpin our efforts.

In the BCSE's latest newsletter, you’ll find highlights from BCSE’s outreach and events, our engagement on international diplomacy, and our work on state and federal policy to advance clean energy. We greatly appreciate the wide network of supporters and partners who help us do this work. I hope that you are feeling energized for the next steps towards America’s clean energy future.

Lisa Jacobson
President, Business Council for Sustainable Energy