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BCSE Spring 2020 Quarterly Connection: The President’s View

The President's View: BCSE’s Role During COVID-19

After eight weeks of remote work, BCSE’s role in the COVID-19 response and recovery is crystallizing.

The past month has been a period of uncertainty and information gathering. The BCSE’s immediate priorities were to understand the needs of our members and industries and to connect with policymakers on what they were looking to accomplish.

The pieces are coming together, with data on energy job impacts being released for March as well as sector specific impacts being released from a number of BCSE members. What is clear is that energy is critical infrastructure and provides power to support our lifeline sectors – health care, buildings, manufacturing and transportation. While job losses have been reported and, construction in some parts of the country has been delayed, our energy system has ensured that communities can focus on the health crisis at hand.

As we move through this unprecedented period, we are connecting our members several times per week with key Congressional staff to stay apprised of the action and requests from legislators.

We are heartened to see this work appreciated by BCSE members as well as policymakers. Our Federal Policy Committee meetings are drawing nearly double normal participation. Legislative staff from leadership offices continue to offer their insights to our members and request information on industry needs. Our COVID-19 Resources page includes summaries of our work and our members’ efforts, as well as public resources.

We are grateful to our members and partners for their tireless work in this time of crisis. All have shown leadership as participants in critical supply chains and essential workforces, going above and beyond to keep people safe in this time of crisis and forge a path beyond it.

In this newsletter we look back on easier times, as well as forward to the work ahead. To all of our friends and colleagues in the clean energy sectors, we hope that you are weathering this storm and we thank you for your work towards a sustainable future.


Lisa Jacobson
President, Business Council for Sustainable Energy

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