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The Business of Clean Energy Comes in All Sizes

Today, May 1, marks the two-year anniversary of the partnership between the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) and the Clean Energy Business Network (CEBN).  In fact, the CEBN, which is the voice of the small business clean energy economy, was formed ten years ago by The Pew Charitable Trusts. The Council is so pleased that this established network is now part of its business coalition and is proud of the successes the organizations have achieved together.

A Look at Two Years of Partnership

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The Power of a Collective of Individual Voices

The value of this partnership? Priceless. Small and medium-sized businesses are an important part of the American clean energy economy. CEBN members, over 3,000 individuals strong, represent technology providers, investors and clean energy change-makers in your community, and from across the country. 

The BCSE works with the CEBN’s members to advocate on Capitol Hill for policies that grow the clean energy market in America, create new jobs and strengthen the U.S. economy. The CEBN brings the individual’s story – that of the business owner or worker that installs solar, turns waste heat into a resource, improves the efficiency of an HVAC system or creates a renewable biofuel – to the national discussion in Washington, DC, through its outreach, policy advocacy and Faces Behind the Facts project.  Together, the BCSE and CEBN have worked successful to secure funding for clean energy research, development & deployment, and policies that provide tax incentives or recognize the energy sector as an important part of infrastructure at the national level.

Growing the Clean Energy Economy “One Small Business at a Time”

The benefit of the CEBN goes far beyond its notable policy impact in Washington, DC.  Some of its most distinguishable value-adds are the services it provides to small- and medium-sized businesses. By joining the Network at premium levels – you will benefit from access to business development tools, such as a searchable business-to-business directory to find candidates for contractors, pipeline investment, supply chain providers or installers; an aggregated database of federal, state and private-sector funding opportunities; and platforms to promote your technology, services or thought leadership to a diverse audience of businesses from across the country. Members also receive resource-rich weekly newsletters that tap into the pulse of clean energy policy, markets and headline news. 

Jump on the Band Wagon

The BCSE encourages you to jump on the clean energy band wagon, all are welcome – from those that represent or work at a small or medium-sized business, to dedicated individuals that are part of the clean energy economy at any size of company.

The CEBN offers a tiered-membership system that includes a free basic level in addition to premium business network and executive circle tiers, ensuring that there is a price-point that will work for all.  Join today or at the very least sign up for the free CEBN newsletter at or follow CEBN on Twitter @CleanEnergyBiz to learn more.  We look forward to working with you.