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Senate Energy Enters Climate Change Debate

Published March 5, 2019 10:00 AM EST


CLIMATE TAKES SENATE CENTER STAGE: It's been several years since the Senate ENR Committee has tackled the issue of climate change head-on. But that ends today, when the panel holds a hearing to examine the electricity sector in a changing climate.

Expect ranking member Joe Manchin to hit some of the key points he brought up during last week's hearing with the executive director of the International Energy Agency, an aide told ME. That means Manchin will make clear climate change is real and can't be denied, and that its impact is disproportionately felt in rural areas like Manchin's home state of West Virginia. Manchin will also likely discuss the need for cleaner energy solutions in addressing the issue, as well as carbon capture, utilization and storage technology.

Senators will also hear from several energy experts, including Business Council for Sustainable Energy President Lisa Jacobson, who plans to call on Congress to "maintain a diverse portfolio of energy technologies." That means developing long-term policy solutions that span power generation, building efficiency and transportation, according to a copy of her testimony shared with ME.