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BCSE In Action

May 28, 2020

Julia Selker
[email protected]

Business Council for Sustainable Energy Announces New Board Members

North American Insulation Manufacturers Association and WGL Join Diverse Clean Energy Coalition

Washington, DC – The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) announced two new board members: Curt Rich, President and CEO of the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) and Melissa Adams, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer at WGL. BCSE is a diverse business coalition representing energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy associations and businesses.

NAIMA represents the $8 billion U.S. fiber glass and mineral wool insulation industry. Curt Rich oversees all activities relating to the promotion of fiber glass and mineral wool insulation to policymakers, code officials, building industry professionals and consumers. In addition, he champions policies and legislation that encourage the use of insulation to increase energy efficiency and sustainability. Rich also serves on the Residential Energy Services Network and Alliance to Save Energy Boards of Directors.

“NAIMA has a long track record with BCSE and has always been impressed by their impact,” said Curt Rich. “The insulation industry is the leading industry voice in support of energy efficiency, and BCSE is highly effective when it comes to telling the story to Congress and the Administration of why efficiency matters.”

WGL and its regulated natural gas utility Washington Gas, which serves more than 1.2 customers across D.C., Maryland and Virginia, are wholly-owned subsidiaries of AltaGas. Melissa Adams’ role includes formulating strategy, policy, and programs that drive sustainable business practices for the benefit of WGL and the communities it serves. Key areas of focus include minimizing the effects the business has on the environment through both internal operations and customer facing programs, as well as advancing social equity objectives in the company’s business practices.

“WGL is a dedicated partner in the clean energy transformation,” said Melissa Adams. “Our recent Climate Business Plan for Washington DC is an example of WGL’s forward-thinking and ambitious leadership in clean energy. Our membership in BCSE will open new doors for WGL to continue our company’s progress, collaborate with other leaders and support clean energy growth across America.”

“Mr. Rich and Ms. Adams each have more than 20 years of experience in diverse roles in the energy industry,” said Lisa Jacobson, President of the BCSE. “The BCSE coalition will benefit from their expertise as well as their organizations’ leadership roles in the energy efficiency, natural gas, and renewable energy industries. WGL’s ambitious plan to meet Washington DC’s climate goals shows true leadership in sustainable energy. NAIMA’s subject matter expertise and role as a strong voice for energy efficiency is a welcomed addition to the BCSE board, where many energy efficiency companies and associations work for policy progress.”

“Mr. Rich and Ms. Adams will be valued colleagues as the BCSE works for bipartisan policy solutions to advance the deployment of existing clean energy solutions,” said Emily Duncan, Director of Federal Government Relations for National Grid and Chairman of the Board for BCSE. “As the country moves past the initial shock of the COVID-19 pandemic, this coalition will be working to forge a path for economic recovery. Clean energy jobs are in every state in America. From insulation installers to pipeline maintenance professionals, energy keeps the country running and clean energy jobs were among the fastest-growing professions before the pandemic. We hope to help these industries recover to their pre-pandemic level of growth in the months to come.”

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