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Let’s Talanoa: How Clean Energy Can Power Ambition

May 4, 2018 | Author: Laura Tierney, Director, International Programs, Business Council for Sustainable Energy

This weekend in Germany, at the Bonn Climate Change Conference, countries and stakeholders are putting the Talanoa Dialogue into action, sitting together to share stories of climate action, inspiration and ideas for pathways forward.  Here is how I would tell the story of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy and its members, and bring the “power” of clean energy to the dialogue:

I encourage you all to think of the clean energy sector, as a partner to “power the ambition” of countries. This “powering” is built upon public-private partnership, and on the practical experience of governments working with companies that have the low-carbon technology and technical expertise, who know what works for successful deployment of clean energy solutions.

How do we turn partnering with the private sector into action for ambition?  We build upon the demonstrated successes – and we look to the momentum that has been surging over the past ten years.  We create a positive feedback loop – when we deploy more clean energy, more low-carbon solutions, when we see what success delivers and what can be achieved, we can then strive to do more together.

Based on our experience in the United States, we can provide insight into key dimensions of what we know to be true – that by growing the market for clean energy, we are also growing our economy, creating jobs, providing affordable and reliable energy, reducing emissions and strengthening our resilience to a changing climate.

There is a vibrant and hopeful story of energy sector transformation underway in the United States, which is documented by the Business Council for Sustainable Energy and Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Sustainable Energy in America Factbook.   I encourage you to download this resource and continue to read more about this story.

The Council’s written submission to the Talanoa Dialogue highlights the progress of the U.S. energy transformation and the policy, financing and partnership tools that have enabled this shift to cleaner and more efficient energy resources.  It showcases how U.S. companies have made significant progress on their climate commitments and are leading the way with innovative new projects. It emphasizes the need to embrace a broad portfolio of clean energy solutions and include partnership and consultation with the private sector.