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Coalition Growth Reflects Policy Focus on Clean Energy  
Members Gear Up for Capitol Hill on May 8


Washington, DC – Congressional attention on global climate change and energy policy has resulted in the growth of a coalition of clean energy business interests. Members of the coalition are gearing up to meet with policy makers May 8 during their first annual “Capitol Hill Day” to demonstrate the “face of green jobs” and bring their top priority messages to Members of Congress.


The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) welcomed seven new members to its coalition in the first four months of 2008, including Caterpillar Inc., Climate Change Capital, Environmental Resource Management, Fabiani & Company, Gas Technology Institute, Orion Energy Systems and Recycled Energy Development.  These companies will join the Council’s growing industry base working on state, federal and international climate change and clean energy issues.


The Business Council for Sustainable Energy is a broad-based business coalition of energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy and electric utility interests that advocates energy and environmental policies that expand markets for clean, efficient and sustainable energy products and services. The Council’s membership includes power developers, equipment manufacturers, independent generators, green power marketers, retailers, gas and electric utilities, as well as several of the primary trade associations in these sectors.


“2008 will be a pivotal year for clean energy industries.  Never before have climate change and clean energy policy been as high on the public, political and policy-making agenda,” comments Lisa Jacobson, BCSE’s Executive Director.  “I am delighted that Recycled Energy Development, Caterpillar, Orion Energy Systems, Climate Change Capital, Environmental Resources Management, Fabiani & Company and Gas Technology Institute are committed to advancing these issues and have joined the growing BCSE membership.”


These new members are an example of BCSE member companies and organizations who represent the face of green jobs and who will be coming together on May 8 to participate in the BCSE Capitol Hill Day in Washington, DC. This one day event will provide Council members direct access to key policymakers and an opportunity to influence the legislative process and decisions affecting clean energy technology deployment policy. Under a greenhouse gas emissions cap-and-trade program, specific Council messages include:


 ·    Direct allowance value, in the form of output-based allowance allocations, set-asides, and auction proceeds to clean energy technology and energy efficiency investments
 ·    Advance complementary policies to accelerate deployment of existing clean energy technologies
 ·    Promote adoption of a robust domestic and international offsets program to help reduce compliance costs, with co-benefits


 New Member Information:


Caterpillar Inc.: Since its inception more than 80 years ago, Caterpillar has grown to be the largest maker of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, and industrial gas turbines in the world. Its products, services and technologies fall into three principal lines of business: Machinery, Engines and Financial Products. Caterpillar has nearly 500 operations in 50 countries.


Climate Change Capital (CCC) is a leading investment banking group specializing in the commercial opportunities created by the low carbon economy. Its activities, which also include investment management and financing emission reductions, aim to make the world's environment cleaner while delivering attractive financial returns. CCC has advised and raised capital for numerous low carbon projects. These include financing renewable energy installations in the United Kingdom, wind energy in China, energy efficiency work in India and waste to energy projects in China and Hungary; and providing advice on the acquisition and divestiture strategy for Private Equity funds and carbon intensive industry in Europe.


Environmental Resources Management (ERM) is one of the world’s leading providers of environmental consulting services and health and safety. ERM has over 135 offices in more than 40 countries and over 3,000 staff.


Gas Technology Institute (GTI) is a leading research and development organization serving the natural gas and energy industry. GTI is dedicated to meeting the nation’s energy and environmental challenges by developing technology-based solutions for consumers, industry, and government.  GTI’s R&D is focused on increasing energy supply, enhancing energy delivery and improving emissions and energy efficiency of the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.  GTI is also a leading education and training organization in the areas of engineering, LNG and energy management. 


Fabiani & Company (Energy and Environment) is a consulting and government affairs firm based in Washington, DC. The Energy and Environment practice area focuses on pairing green technology companies with non-dilutive federal dollars, consulting on profitability and branding issues surrounding sustainability and CSR, and influencing federal policy on climate change, renewable energy, and energy efficiency issues.


Orion Energy Systems is a power technology enterprise with a proven track record of delivering permanent energy savings without compromise. Orion designs, manufactures and deploys energy efficient lighting systems, demand response controls and direct renewable technology to commercial and industrial companies. Orion's technology displaces base and peak load capacity at a lower cost than traditional generation while providing compelling and sustainable financial, workplace and environmental benefits.


Recycled Energy Development (RED) is a company dedicated to the profitable reduction of greenhouse gases through the development and ownership of energy recycling facilities. RED holds a $1.5-billion partnership with Denham Capital Management. RED captures waste heat from industrial operations in order to produce electricity and useful steam, often without burning any additional fuel or emitting any additional pollution or greenhouse gases. For industrial partners, RED reduces energy costs substantially, increases reliability and efficiency, and offers the opportunity for emissions credits.


The full list of BCSE members along with more information on the Council’s activities can be found at www.bcse.org/ 


  Coalition Growth Reflects Policy Focus on Clean Energy