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BCSE In Action

October 22, 2012

First Environment Helps New Jersey Transit
Assess Climate Risks to System

First Environment, Inc. worked with New Jersey (NJ) Transit to develop a screening tool that identified the potential risks of weather related events and impacts on its stationary assets – as well as provide strategies (and their associated costs) to prevent weather-related impacts. NJ Transit is the largest state-run transit agency in the country and the first transit agency to complete this type of study.  First Environment Senior Associate Barbara Thomson presented the report at the GreenGov Conference, September 24-26 in Washington, DC.

The report “Resilience to NJ Transit Assets to Climate Change” includes a survey of current reports and research on the topic; identifies and maps specific impacts to NJ Transit assets - commuter rail, light rail and bus; compiles national and international agency efforts underway regarding Transit strategies to protect assets; determines appropriate resilience strategies for the impacts identified; provides summary level costs and benefits for each of the resilience strategies identified; and summarizes and highlights cost effective strategies to maintain NJ Transit current and planned future services. The report provides a regional overview and can be used to identify critical impacts on assets and take appropriate measures to reduce its vulnerability to extreme weather.