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BCSE In Action

February 5, 2015

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Natural Gas, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Executives Highlight Growth, Falling Prices

Washington, DCThe 2015 edition of the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook has been released, and energy industry executives from the natural gas, renewables and efficiency industries praised its findings as demonstrating the rapid growth and falling prices they have seen in their own operations over the past year.

Here’s what Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BSCE) members had to say about the 2015 edition of the Factbook:

Lisa Jacobson, President, Business Council for Sustainable Energy:

“The U.S. energy transformation that began a decade ago continued in 2014. The Sustainable Energy in America Factbook chronicles this fast-moving transformation, which is creating whole new industries and thousands of new jobs. The Factbook demonstrates that the diverse portfolio of clean energy options can provide affordable and reliable power to homes and businesses throughout the country.”

Dave McCurdy, President and CEO, American Gas Association:

“The Sustainable Energy in America Factbook continues to prove that growth in renewable energy can happen simultaneously with a growth in natural gas and a strong U.S. economy. Between 2007 and 2014, U.S. carbon emissions from the energy sector dropped 9 percent, U.S. natural gas production rose 25 percent and total U.S. investment in renewables and other clean energy technologies was more than $385 billion. Natural gas is a foundation fuel and working alongside renewables and energy efficiency it provides an incredible opportunity to deliver the essential energy that will help drive economic growth while protecting the environment.”

Tom Kiernan, CEO, American Wind Energy Association:

“Homegrown, affordable wind power enables a more balanced U.S. energy portfolio, and together with the other sources of electricity in this report, wind helps utilities keep the lights on while stabilizing rates for consumers and keeping our air clean. The U.S. is No. 1 in the world in wind energy production. Thanks to hard-working Americans, the best available technology, and effective policies. And the electricity produced by American wind farms avoids the carbon pollution equivalent of 28 million cars.”

Joseph W. Allen, Director of Energy Policy, Federal Government Affairs, Caterpillar Inc.:

“We applaud the Business Council for Sustainable Energy for releasing the 2015 edition of the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook. The report details the energy growth the U.S. has experienced and makes clear the need for continued responsible development of our energy resources to drive economic growth.”

Paula Soos, Vice President, Government Relations, Covanta:

“The Factbook identified the significant role public policy has played in renewable energy development. It highlights the potential for a broader spectrum of renewable technologies, including energy from waste, to see growth if successful policies are applied more equitably, and with some long term certainty.”

Mark Wagner, Vice President, Government Relations, Johnson Controls:

"The 2015 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook clearly shows significant and steady increases over the last decade in the adoption of energy efficiency policies, investments in energy efficiency programs and projects, and the amount of Energy Star certified buildings. These factors all help to contribute to another interesting fact in the book: Annualized electricity demand growth from 2007-2014 has been zero."

Jordan Doria, Vice President, Market Development, North American Insulation Manufacturers Association:

“This year’s Factbook demonstrates that the energy efficiency value proposition continues to grow in prominence with consumers. Companies that can leverage this trend will be well positioned for growth in the future.”

Rhone Resch, CEO, Solar Energy Industries Association:

“The Factbook rightly points out that the continued growth in residential, commercial and utility-scale solar has helped to diversify our nation’s energy portfolio, improve grid stability, save money and create new jobs across the nation. This tremendous growth, including 20 percent more jobs in 2014 than the year before and 50 percent more added solar capacity nationwide, is due largely to smart, successful public policies such as the solar Investment Tax Credit, Net Energy Metering and Renewable Portfolio Standards. We’d like to thank BCSE and Bloomberg New Energy Finance for putting together the Factbook, which helps show policymakers and the public what a huge success story solar has become – and why it’s so important to our nation’s future.”

The Business Council for Sustainable Energy commissioned Bloomberg New Energy Finance to research and write the 2015 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook in order to provide policy makers, journalists and industry professionals with up-to-date, accurate market information. The complete report and associated materials are available at: https://www.bcse.org/sustainableenergyfactbook.html.

Download the full press release here.