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BCSE In Action


December 15, 2020
Contact: Julia Selker
Email: [email protected]

BCSE Recommendations for Incoming Biden-Harris Administration Highlight Executive Actions for Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy

Washington, D.C. – The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) released today its Recommendations for Executive Actions to Increase Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Deployment in support of the Build Back Better plan during the Biden-Harris administration’s first 100 days in office.

BCSE President Lisa Jacobson issued the following statement regarding the recommendations:

“The Biden-Harris administration will have many executive branch tools, from budget requests to international diplomacy to federal procurement, to create clean energy jobs and advance America’s progress on climate change mitigation and resilience. The BCSE recommendations offer impactful actions that will serve to restore a vibrant clean energy economy in the United States.

“America’s clean energy workforce has not yet seen a return to pre-pandemic job growth, and hundreds of thousands remain out of work. The BCSE supports the President-elect’s focus on driving economic recovery through investments in infrastructure, electricity and buildings sectors to advance clean energy and build a more equitable America.”

BCSE Board Chairman Emily Duncan, Director of Federal Government Affairs for National Grid US said:

“The clean energy business community looks forward to working with the Biden-Harris Administration. Our industry offers a broad portfolio of solutions to address these complex problems. The BCSE shares these recommendations of executive actions that can be taken quickly because they will advance progress towards our shared goals of rebuilding a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

The recommendations include suggested executive actions in the following categories:

  • Executive Orders to Improve the Efficiency, Resilience and Sustainability of the Federal Government
  • Federal Budget for Fiscal Year 2022 with Increased Funding for Clean Energy RDD&D
  • Strengthening Agency Work and Filling Staff Vacancies
  • Clean Air Act Authority to Regulate Carbon
  • Building Codes and Manufactured Housing Standard in Federal Housing Programs
  • Reducing Market Barriers to Clean Energy Deployment
  • International Leadership on Clean Energy Deployment and Climate Change
  • Infrastructure Siting, Permitting, and Regulatory Reforms to Speed Clean Energy Deployment

For additional detail, please download: BCSE Recommendations for Executive Actions to Increase Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Deployment.

Download this press release.