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BCSE In Action


Dr. Tod Delaney Appointed Chair of New ISO Committee on Climate Change

April 18, 2014 - The Business Council for Sustainable Energy is pleased to announce that Dr. Tod Delaney, president of First Environment, Inc. and Chair Emeritus of BCSE’s Board of Directors has been appointed by the International Standards Organization (ISO) Technical Management Board (TMB) as Chair of the newly established ISO Climate Change Coordinating Committee (CCCC). ISO/TMB formed the CCCC with the goal of reviewing existing ISO deliverables related to climate change adaptation and mitigation, identifying gaps, and creating a roadmap for future actions.

Having participated in the ISO community for more than two decades, Dr. Delaney possesses a thorough understanding of the CCCC's missions and values-namely the assessment of climate change standard concerns across the globe, development of ISO standards on climate change, and collaboration with key international organizations and stakeholders on climate change initiatives and overall awareness.

"Reaching these goals requires a team of people who can devote their time, leadership, and technical competence to all of the tasks required," said Dr. Delaney regarding his recent appointment. "I recognize the importance of these goals and am committed to using my time and skills to benefit ISO/TMB's mission through the CCCC Chair position."

The CCCC will hold its first meeting in London on April 23-24, 2014.