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Council Urges Congress to Integrate Energy and Environmental Policy in Federal Climate Change Legislation


In an open letter to the Senate in January, the Council urged the incorporation of clean energy generation and energy efficiency into a national greenhouse gas regulatory system. Inclusion of clean and efficient energy options, both for demand reduction and expansion of domestic clean generation, will help cost-effectively reduce greenhouse gas levels while supporting the U.S. economy and enhancing our national security.


The Council advocated for federal policy that includes the following elements:


  • Is national in scope;
  • Promotes a financial value from allocating allowances under a greenhouse gas trading program to clean energy and energy efficiency technologies. This can be achieved through an output-based allowance allocation method, a clean energy set-aside allowance pool or other revenue-generating mechanism;
  • Involves a mandatory, economy-wide and market-based approach;
  • Expands the development and use of clean energy sources, including wind, solar, hydro, biomass, geothermal, fuel cells, advanced battery systems and natural gas;
  • Expands the development and use of energy efficiency and natural gas technologies, including the direct use of natural gas, on-site generation from combined heat and power, and energy efficiency for demand reduction;
  • Establishes near-term and long-term targets that are consistent with investment cycles;
  • Promotes compatibility with voluntary renewable energy, energy efficiency, and greenhouse gas markets so non-capped businesses and households can continue to support markets that result in actions that are above and beyond mandatory obligations; and,
  • Establishes linkages with international programs. 


Please see the Council’s open letter to the Senate:


  BCSE Open Letter on Federal Climate Change Policy – Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee (171.07 Kb)