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Council and International Counterparts Make Statement to UNFCCC Nairobi Conference on Post-2012 Multilateral Climate Change Program


The Council and its counterparts from the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia urged delegates at the Twelfth Conference of the Parties United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Nairobi, Kenya to move quickly on negotiating the rules for the next phase of the multilateral climate change regime. The Councils emphasized their support for a legally-binding and multilateral regime in order to provide strong price signals to the market place to accelerate clean energy investments. In particular the Councils called for: 


  • The adoption of a post-2012 climate change framework no later than 2009 and a clear timetable for decisions to provide continuity and build confidence in multilateral efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • The establishment of legally-binding, longer-term commitments to reduce emissions that are consistent with the investment cycle to accelerate the deployment of private sector capital
  • Efforts to expand the involvement of developing countries through a variety of approaches
  • Continuity and improvements to the existing market-based approaches to reduce emissions including the Clean Development Mechanism and European Emissions Trading Scheme 


See the full text of the Council’s statement to delegates at the UNFCCC Nairobi Conference:


  Text of BCSE Statement (94.03 Kb)