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Council Advises New York and Connecticut to Put Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency at the Center of RGGI Implementation Plans 


In written submissions to New York and Connecticut, the Council is urging states participating in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) to focus on incorporating clean energy generation and energy efficiency into their implementation plans. This is essential to reduce program compliance costs and to mitigate fuel price increases. Highlights of the Council’s recommendations include: 

  • Adoption of an output-based allowance allocation policy
  • Expansion of the minimum 25 percent Public Benefit Set-Aside program, provided that the allowances and/or revenue from the set-aside be used to increase energy efficiency and clean generation 


In addition, the Council provided state-specific recommendations to New York and Connecticut on where to direct allowance revenue to spur clean energy technology deployment.


To see the full text of the Council’s suggestions to New York and Connecticut:


  BCSE Comments on Connecticut RGGI Pre-Proposal (146.51 Kb)

  BCSE Comments on New York RGGI Pre-Proposal (138.85 Kb)