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Climate Solutions Businesses Call for International Framework to Support Global Carbon Market, More Investment


November 6, 2009, Barcelona Spain: Climate Solutions Businesses have come together to express concern that current proposals risk undermining increases in private investment and the development of a global carbon market. In a statement released today, they urge that a Copenhagen framework ensures:

  • Mid-term and long-term signals to investors: Transparent and accountable policies that include near-term and long-term emissions reduction goals and account for investment timescales.
  • Common structures for emissions targets and accounting: Commitment periods, compliance units, and registry and inventory standards, must be held common.
  • Fast-start funding to developing countries:  Meaningful provisions to build capacity and create healthy investment environments in developing countries.
  • Continuity: The international community has developed trust in existing market mechanisms. They must not be arbitrarily discontinued or replaced. A commitment to continuity and reform must be made to ensure that existing investments are safeguarded and trust is maintained. This will allow the scaling up of capital for mechanisms post-2012 will be substantially easier.
  • Private Sector Role: Post-2012 systems that have a role for private finance should utilize the expertise and consult with the business community in their design. 


Flows of private sector resources – technological and financial – will add scale and speed to global efforts to mitigate emissions. 


To download a full copy of the press release with contact information, please click here.


To download a full copy of the coalition's statement, please click here.