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February 6, 2014
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Natural Gas, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Are Leading America’s Energy Transformation

Washington, DC (February 6, 2014) — The 2014 installment of the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook has been released, and energy industry experts are pointing to formative trends in renewable energy, natural gas and energy efficiency that are highlighted in the new report. Despite shifting political winds, the inherent business case for efficient and sustainable energy sources has become even stronger over the past year.

“The U.S. energy transformation that began in the mid-2000s gained additional momentum in 2013,” said Lisa Jacobson, president of The Business Council for Sustainable Energy. “The Factbook plays a vital role in chronicling this fast-moving transformation, which is creating whole new industries and thousands of new jobs in the energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy sectors.”

Here’s what Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BSCE) members had to say about the Factbook:

Joseph W. Allen, Director of Energy Policy, Federal Government Affairs, Caterpillar Inc.:

“We applaud the the Business Council for Sustainable Energy for releasing the 2014 edition of the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook which underscores the benefits of combined heat and power and other sustainable energy technologies in the United States.”

Bob Cleaves, President and CEO of Biomass Power Association:

“The last year’s growth is a real signal that biomass is an energy technology that our nation relies on for its low carbon emissions and around-the-clock dependability. We are proud that facilities are being financed and built in places with an adequate feedstock, using fuels that would otherwise be destined for a landfill or wildfire kindling. The Factbook, compiled by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, notes that 2013 was the most successful capacity-building year for biomass since 2009, with 230 MW added to the nation’s electricity grid.”

Dave McCurdy, President and CEO, American Gas Association:

“In 2013, the United States produced more natural gas than ever before and we used this clean, abundant energy source more wisely and efficiently. This efficiency, coupled with affordable and stable natural gas prices, means American consumers are saving more. The Sustainable Energy in America Factbook points out that these advancements in natural gas markets have not slowed the adoption of other clean energy resources.”

Rhone Resch, President and CEO, Solar Energy Industries Association:

“The Sustainable Energy in America Factbook is an important resource to show policymakers and the public the transformation occurring in our domestic energy sources, and we are pleased – but not surprised – that this study confirms solar’s record-shattering growth in 2013. BCSE has rightly pointed out that a competitive electricity market benefits customers, the environment and the economy. Going forward, we expect the data in this Factbook will help inform decision-makers and support smart public policies like net energy metering and the solar ITC.”

Mark Wagner, Vice President, Government Relations, Johnson Controls, Inc.:

“One of the great things about the Factbook is that it provides not just a snap shot of 2013, but a look back over the last several years to help identify trends. The Factbook presents a number of diverse elements in the energy efficiency, renewable energy and natural gas sectors, painting a complex but positive picture for clean energy.”

The Business Council for Sustainable Energy commissioned Bloomberg New Energy Finance to research and write the 2014 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook in order to provide policy makers, journalists and industry professionals with up-to-date, accurate market intelligence. The complete report and associated materials are available at: https://www.bcse.org/sustainableenergyfactbook.html.

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