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BCSE In Action

October 19, 2015

Contact: Laura Tierney
Email: [email protected]
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Clean Energy Industries Join American Business Act on Climate Pledge

Washington, DC - BCSE President Lisa Jacobson issued this statement following today’s announcement from the Obama Administration regarding new pledges from BCSE member organizations, including Calpine, ENER-G Rudox, Ingersoll Rand, Johnson Controls, Kingspan Insulated Panels – North America, PG&E, Qualcomm Incorporated, and Schneider Electric, to the American Business Act on Climate Pledge:

“The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) applauds the most recent contributors to the American Business Act on Climate Pledge. Today, several BCSE members joined a growing number of U.S. businesses that have committed to reducing their carbon footprints and incorporating climate change and sustainability into their strategic planning. These private sector actions collectively show that addressing climate change is a mainstream business issue.

“The private sector is going to be a key partner in delivering the innovation, investment and technologies that will help countries meet their national mitigation targets. By leading by example and showing what is possible, these American companies are adding to the global momentum for a positive outcome in the Paris negotiations for a new international climate change agreement.”

BCSE members offered the following comments on their climate pledges:

Ryan Goodman, President, ENER-G Rudox:

“ENER-G Rudox is committed to reducing our environmental impact because we believe it’s the right thing to do in terms of global citizenship, and a smart thing to do from a business standpoint. We’re making our goals public through the American Business Act on Climate Pledge, because we want people to know that you don’t need to be a massive organization in order to make smart energy choices. Like many growing companies, we need to be extremely disciplined about how we utilize our resources, but we’ve found that the time we’ve devoted to making our company more sustainable has been a good investment. We’re not only reducing our carbon footprint, but we’re also reducing our operating costs and improving the resiliency of our facilities. It’s a win-win.”

Gary Michel, Senior Vice President & President of Residential Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning, Ingersoll Rand:

“Addressing the unsustainable global demand for energy resources and creating a better, more efficient future for our employees, customers and shareholders is of paramount importance for Ingersoll Rand. Our bold climate commitment has given us a keen focus on product innovation and a customer-centric approach in transforming the ways in which we address energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reductions. The American Business Act on Climate Pledge is an important move toward encouraging action for others in our industry to take steps to address challenges involving climate change and resource scarcity around the world.”

Clay Nesler, Vice President, Global Energy & Sustainability, Johnson Controls:

“Johnson Controls has made public commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve sustainability since 2003. The private-sector can play a critical role in addressing the challenges of global climate change and we are pleased to support The American Business Act on Climate Pledge and share our pledge to improve the efficiency of our internal operations, our supply chain and our products.”

Paul Bertram, Director, Environment, Sustainability & Government Affairs, Kingspan Insulated Panels, North America:

“Participating in the American Business Act on Climate Pledge is in alignment with a Kingspan’s global net zero energy operational performance goal by 2020. Kingpsan Insulated Panels US provides advanced high performance building Envelope First Energy Efficiency solutions to reduce Demand Side Energy and related GHGs.”

Melissa Lavinson, Vice President, Federal Affairs & Chief Sustainability Officer, PG&E:

"We applaud the Administration and the President for bringing together so many leading companies to demonstrate the business community's support for action on climate change. The investments we make in the next five years will be critical to America's clean energy future. We look forward to working with the Administration and policymakers at the federal and state levels to put in place policies that continue to drive investment and innovation in the nation's electric grid and clean energy."

Nate Tibbits, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, Qualcomm Incorporated:

“For more than 30 years, Qualcomm has invented the future. That’s why we are proud to join other business leaders today in supporting ambitious action toward a low-carbon economy by adding our greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal to the White House American Business Act on Climate Pledge. Climate change is a global issue that requires a global solution; one which demands collaboration from a wide range of stakeholders across society, including business and government. We stand ready and willing to contribute.”

Trisha Knych, Vice President, Government Relations, Schneider Electric:

"It’s incumbent upon the private sector to lead the change. Every year Schneider Electric aggressively pursues its goals to reduce our carbon footprint not only in our facilities, but also throughout our supply chain, and the products we deliver to our customers. The commitments made today are a critical step for businesses to support the road to Paris and encourage countries to take the same steps forward.”

The Act on Climate Pledge platform is aimed at elevating corporate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as other climate-friendly sustainability initiatives.

Download the full press release.