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Clean Energy Industries Commend Senate Introduction of Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act

Washington, DC – September 30, 2009: The Business Council for Sustainable Energy, an industry coalition of energy efficiency, renewable energy and natural gas businesses and trade associations, commends Senators John Kerry (D-MA) and Barbara Boxer (D-CA) on the introduction of the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act of 2009.

“Senators Kerry and Boxer have long been leaders on the issue of global climate change.  As the chairs of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Senate Environment and Public Works Committee respectively, these two Senators will play a key role in shaping the American response to climate change and in demonstrating American leadership to this global problem,” said Lisa Jacobson, Council president.

“The introduction of this legislation on the heels of House passage of the American Clean Energy and Security Act brings us closer to enactment of legislation to establish a strong, meaningful market-based climate change program.”

The Council commends Senators Kerry and Boxer for their leadership, as well as the many other Senators who have been working on this legislation for many long months. The Council also recognizes the hard work of their staffs toward making the introduction of this legislation a reality.  

The Council looks forward to working with Senators to ensure that the cost containment, energy independence and environmental benefits of existing clean energy sources and technologies, including renewable energy, energy efficiency and natural gas are included in the bill.  These technologies will be critical especially in the early years of the program.


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