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BCSE In The News

Clean energy businesses call for federal funding for clean energy programmes

By: Robin Whitlock, Renewable Energy Magazine
June 16, 2017

The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) has called upon Congress to fund programmes that help to support job creation, economic growth, clean air and carbon reduction.

The letter sent to Congress and written by BCSE conveys support for climate and energy efficiency programmes at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Air and Radiation and Enforcement Division related to air quality, international climate change programmes, climate change research and partnership programmes, and water management, well as the ENERGY STAR programme.

“As a business group working to advance clean energy policies over the last 25 years, BCSE has seen first-hand the positive impacts of EPA’s air quality, climate change, and public private partnership programmes” said BCSE President Lisa Jacobson. “EPA provides critical support to states, localities and tribes, and acts as a federal leader to address barriers to the adoption of emissions reducing technologies. EPA also has an important role to play as an international leader in climate science and emission reduction frameworks.”

Ms Jacobson added that EPA programmes contribute significantly to America’s secure and reliable energy future by reducing emissions and saving money for consumers and businesses. Through programmes with the private sector, EPA builds on long-standing partnerships that help American businesses compete on a global scale.

The federal government’s involvement in these efforts is critical to provide transparent, credible and independent data and expertise that cannot be replicated with the same credibility by private sector or non-governmental organisations. The Council opposes any significant cuts to these programs that could weaken progress towards a cleaner, more efficient American energy sector

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