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Clean Air and Climate

Clean Air and Climate Change Policy Committee

The Clean Air & Climate Change Policy Committee manages the Council’s efforts on all clean air and climate change related policy and outreach. This includes regulatory programs at EPA and legislative activity in Congress. The Committee works collaboratively with members to determine policy positions, and coordinate with the Council’s other policy committees to support the organization’s goals.

Activities include:

  • Regular meetings to share information, discuss proposed policies and frameworks and meet with policymakers and experts
  • Communication of BCSE members’ views to policymakers
  • Education for policymakers using the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook

General Policy Positions

In the BCSE's Recommendations for Energy and Climate Change Policy, released in October 2020, the Council offers its goals, principles, recommendations and opportunities for clean energy in federal energy and climate change policies.

For additional detail, please see the Council's policy statements and positions on Clean Air, Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions.