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CEBN Featured on Capitol Hill (July 11, 2017)

CEBN Featured on Capitol Hill (July 11, 2017)

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The CEBN highlighted 10 members in a showcase at the 20th Annual Congressional Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy Forum and Expo on July 11. This event on Capitol Hill attracted a wide array of attendees, including members of Congress and staff, federal agency officials, businesses, and trade associations. The first panel included remarks by CEBN Executive Director Lynn Abramson on the contributions of small businesses to the clean energy economy. Ruth McCormick of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (our parent organization) presented findings on deployment and investment in renewable energy, efficiency, and natural gas in 2016.

Videos from the event are listed below:

Lynn Abramson, Executive Director, CEBN
Ruth McCormick, Director of Federal and State Policy, BCSE
Overview of CEBN's display at the EXPO
Full List of EXPO Recordings Including Congressional Speakers and Panels

CEBN Member Showcase

The CEBN members featured below submitted content for us to share and formed the genesis of CEBN's member case studies section on our website. Email us at [email protected] if you are interested in learning about future opportunities for us to tell your company’s story and generate momentum in the clean energy economy. Explore the case studies below and click on the logos to learn more about CEBN members and some of their clean energy projects.

ElectraTherm│Reno, NV
In the Balkan oil fields, nearly 30% of natural gas is flared. What if we could capture it to generate electricity?

Energy Tech Savings.png
Energy Technology Savings│Livingston, NJ
When the power goes out in a high-rise Manhattan apartment complex, the lights, HVAC, elevators, and water pressure don’t work. CHP is a continuous, reliable power source that provides enormous cost savings.

Green Fortress Engineering.png
Green Fortress Engineering│Indianapolis, IN
This NSF-funded startup is storing solid-state hydrogen on a silicon substrate. Imagine your cell phone holding a charge for 20 days, or your solar panels powering your home on cloudy days.

Highland West Energy.png
Highland West Energy│Idaho Falls, ID
A combined heat and power system is helping a local hotel save thousands of dollars a year on its utility bill.

Ion Power Group.png
Ion Power Group│Navarre, FL
What if we could harness electricity from the air? A team of engineers, planetary scientists, and business leaders are doing just that.
Lake Erie Energy Development Corp. │ Cleveland, OH
What will it take to build the first freshwater offshore wind farm in N. America?

luminAID │ Chicago, IL
In a natural disaster, the lights usually go out. How can we light up communities in need, or your next camping trip?

Missouri Solar Applications.png
Missouri Solar Applications│Jefferson City, MO
Floyd and Alice Hansen’s last two power bills were less than $10. And in 7-8 years, their rooftop solar system will have paid for itself.
ReEnergy Holdings.png
ReEnergy Holdings│Latham, NY
When Fort Drum switched its coal plant to sustainably-harvested biomass, it was a win for the Army and the local community.

SurClean│Wixom, MI
New laser-based technology provides an energy-efficient, non-damaging solution for stripping paint and coatings off aircraft, ships, and more.