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BCSE In Action


March 23, 2017
Contact: Laura Tierney
Email: [email protected]
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Business Coalition Celebrates 25 Years of Advocacy, Market Growth
Sustainable Energy is the New Normal in US Markets

Washington, DC – The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) kicks off a year-long celebration of its 25th anniversary today at its annual Clean Energy Forum, which will conclude with a reception on Capitol Hill featuring special remarks by Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK).

The BCSE was founded in 1992 by executives of the energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy sectors who had a vision of a diverse, sustainable energy portfolio for America. Guided by that vision, the Council has spent the past two and a half decades advocating for policies at the state and regional, national and international levels that advance the deployment of commercially-available clean energy technologies, products and services.

“The landscape of our energy economy looks dramatically different today as compared to 1992,” remarked Lisa Jacobson, President of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy. “The transformation to cleaner sources of energy has been remarkable, and is owed to the dedication and leadership in both the public and private sectors to advance policies and programs that have enabled these technologies to soar.”

“The strength of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy is that it is a diverse business coalition that has stood the test of time,” commented Mark Wagner, Chairman of the BCSE Board of Directors and Vice President of Government Relations for Johnson Controls. “At the heart of what makes the coalition successful is our advocacy for energy solutions that make economic sense and create jobs, and that we deploy technologies that make our buildings and vehicles more energy efficient, and our electricity system cleaner and more affordable, reliable and secure.”

Today, to mark its silver anniversary, the BCSE lauds significant changes to the energy landscape of the United States since 1992, including:

  • 92% of all new power capacity built in the US since 1992 has been from renewable energy and natural gas
  • More than $58 billion spent on energy efficiency programs by natural gas and electric utilities since 1992
  • A 58% improvement in U.S. energy productivity since 1992
  • A 25-year low in annual U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector in 2016
  • Over three million jobs in 2017 supported by energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy

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