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BCSE In Action

December 21, 2021

Julia Selker
E-mail: [email protected]
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Build Back Better Act has Vital Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Investments

Washington, DC – In response to ongoing Congressional negotiations about the Build Back Better Act, the Business Council for Sustainable Energy and Clean Energy Business Network released the following comments:

BCSE President Lisa Jacobson:

“The clean energy tax policy provisions in the Build Back Better Act will provide critical market signals to accelerate deployment of clean energy and energy efficiency solutions. These investments will protect Americans’ health, wealth and security by reducing emissions, improving community resilience and creating jobs. BCSE will continue to work with Congress and the Biden Administration to enact the Build Back Better Act as soon as possible.”

CEBN President Lynn Abramson:

“The Clean Energy Business Network has been pushing throughout the year to advance investments in cleaner, more reliable, more affordable forms of energy through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and Build Back Better Act. More than 750 clean energy business leaders across all 50 states have supported these investments—many of whom are from very small companies that do not typically have a voice or position of influence in Washington. The momentum behind the clean energy economy is growing, and these voices will be heard. Policies such as extension of clean energy tax credits; incentives to drive down emissions in heavy industries like manufacturing; and investments in more reliable, modernized grid infrastructure would be an investment in America’s future. We are committed to continuing to advance policies to help support the creation of new companies, diversify local energy economies, and provide more reliable and affordable energy to all Americans.”

Download this press release.