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BCSE In Action

August 10, 2021

Julia Selker
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Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Lays Foundation for Sustainable Energy in America

Statement from BCSE President Lisa Jacobson

“Today’s Senate passage of the bipartisan infrastructure deal lays an important foundation for the clean energy transition in the United States. The legislation combines funding with important new programs that will let states and communities accelerate their work towards a clean energy future. BCSE is hopeful that the House will move quickly to approve these policies, so that work on the ground can get underway across America. The clean energy sectors are ready to serve this demand, create jobs and bring America’s energy infrastructure into the 21st century.

“The bipartisan infrastructure deal is necessary, but more is needed to align the American energy system with the transformation called for by the scientific community. BCSE was pleased to see release of Senate outline of the budget resolution yesterday, which includes further policy support for a clean energy deployment. As that bill progresses through the legislative process, policymakers should keep the findings of this week’s IPCC report top of mind, as well as the many economic and social gains to be made through investments in clean energy: hundreds of thousands of new jobs, more resilient and reliable critical services, and a more competitive economy.”

Download this press release.