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BCSE In Action

BCSE/BNEF State Energy Factsheet on Virginia Shows Great Opportunity for Growth of Clean Energy

March 24, 2015 - The Business Council for Sustainable Energy is pleased to release the State Energy Factsheet: Virginia, produced in partnership with Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). This factsheet provides a snapshot of Virginia’s current electricity profile – with a focus on the current deployment of energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy in the state.

The nation’s electricity sector is undergoing a sweeping transition that is providing consumers with far more choices in the way they buy and consume energy (for more details see our Sustainable Energy in America Factbook, released in February 2015). Through a combination of exciting new technologies, changing consumer behavior and smart public policies, these choices not only provide more options for affordable and reliable energy, they also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Virginia is poised to be a leader when it comes to embracing this changing landscape. Already the Commonwealth has moved a significant portion of its traditional energy sources to cleaner-burning natural gas. It can now build upon this promising start by beefing up its commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Download the full State Energy Factsheet: Virginia here, and see how the Clean Power Plan can create opportunities for the further deployment of energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy in the Commonwealth of Virginia.