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January 30, 2012

Contact: Jack Thirolf
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BCSE Welcomes New & Returning Members to Its Coalition
Mission in 2012 to Expand Sector Growth and Create Jobs

WASHINGTON, DC —The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) is proud to welcome the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) and Knauf Insulation as new BCSE members for 2012 and to announce the return of Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG)—a longtime previous member—to the Council’s clean energy business coalition.

Speaking on the addition of the new and returning members, BCSE President Lisa Jacobson noted, “These three clean energy industry leaders reflect individually and as a group what makes the Council unique and important.” She continued, “They each are working to develop America’s clean energy future and together they reflect the diversity of the Council’s membership—from clean distributed generation to energy efficiency to cutting edge utility services and power generation.”

The three BCSE members each provided views on their partnership with the Council’s coalition and provided their goals for 2012:

  • Morry Markowitz, President of FHCEA: “BCSE provides a sound, well-rounded business perspective to policymakers on all levels looking to develop solutions to energy and environmental challenges. FCHEA feels right at home in this group and looks forward to working with other BCSE members to help drive the market for clean stationary and mobile energy.”
  • George Phelps, Manager, Product and Legislative Affairs for Knauf Insulation: “As the nation looks to develop policies to at once grow its manufacturing sector and increase its international competitiveness, energy efficiency—and particularly insulation—has a tremendous role to play. The opportunity to create jobs, decrease energy bills, and strengthen the economy through residential and commercial building retrofits is simply incredible and we are happy to be working with BCSE on this important issue. The Council offers manufacturers in the energy efficiency industry like Knauf a unique opportunity to work with other industries on important cross-cutting policies that will help us grow the market for our products and get our nation where it needs to go.”
  • Kristen Ludecke, Vice President, Federal Affairs for PSEG: “BCSE has been a leader in bringing a sensible, clean energy business-oriented view to energy policy and environmental regulation at the state and federal levels. PSEG was proud to be part of that work for years and looks forward to again engaging with BCSE and its members on these issues in 2012 and beyond.”

Building on its successes in working with energy policymakers on the federal, state, and international levels in 2011, the BCSE will continue its mission to grow markets for clean energy products and services in 2012. Its priorities include work on federal energy and tax policy, engagement with the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), and further progress in developing international partnerships to combat climate change and deploy clean energy technologies.

Speaking on her expectations for 2012, BCSE President Jacobson explained, “Our industries are major contributors to the nation’s economy—from predictable, high quality power to advanced manufacturing—and we have the potential to contribute even more to drive competitiveness, innovation, and energy security. In 2012, our priority is to work on policies that will help realize that potential.”

To learn more about the BCSE's members and policy priorities, please see the Council's Membership Directory and Statements and Recommendations.