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BCSE In Action


Council Urges Senate to Support Clean Energy as Part of New Federal Energy Legislation


In an open letter to the Senate in June, the Council called upon enators to support multiple key clean energy priorities in new federal nergy legislation, including upgrades residential and commercial uilding codes, a national renewable energy portfolio standard (RPS), n energy efficiency resource standard (EERS), and smart grid
technology programs, among others.


The BCSE letter to the Senate outlined a range of key policies for ederal energy legislation that will result in widespread deployment of any clean energy technologies. Specifically, the Council called upon the Senate to:

  • Adopt a National Renewable Portfolio Standard
  • Adopt a National Energy Efficiency Resource Standard
  • Enact and Extend Tax Incentives for Homes, Commercial Buildings and Building Equipment
  • Upgrade Residential and Commercial Building Codes
  • Create Tax Incentives for Advanced, High-Efficiency Appliances
  • Promote Innovative Utility Rate Design
  • Promote Use of Smart Meter Technology
  • Allow Excess Electricity from Waste Heat Systems to supplement the Nation’s Energy Supply