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September 19, 2011

Contact: Jack Thirolf
Email: [email protected]  
Office: 202.785.0507

BCSE Supports Legislation to Create Jobs, Spur Investment in Energy-Efficient Roofs

Washington, DC—Following today’s introduction of the Energy-Efficient Cool Roofs Jobs Act, the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) released the following statement from BCSE President Lisa Jacobson:

“Job creation and economic growth are the nation's top priorities. The Energy-Efficient Cool Roofs Jobs Act can help us grow our economy in two ways: by unleashing private investment in the construction sector and manufacturing sectors and by lowering energy bills. The BCSE commends Senators Cardin and Crapo for their hard work to craft this bipartisan, solutions-focused piece of legislation.”

With the goal of spurring job growth and reducing the energy wasted as a result of dark, under-insulated commercial roofs, the Energy-Efficient Cool Roofs Jobs Act would shorten the depreciation period for Energy-Efficient Cool Roofs. The legislation would provide a 20-year depreciation period (instead of the current 39 years) for commercial roofs that meet minimum R-values that are significantly higher (i.e., requiring more insulation) than those required under state and local building codes and that have a white or other highly reflective surface. More detailed information is available on Senator Cardin’s website.

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