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Clean Energy Businesses Urge Continued Action on Tax Extenders

Washington, DC – Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) President, Lisa Jacobson, made the following statement as a follow up to testimony she provided at a March 14 hearing of the House Tax Policy Subcommittee in which she urged continued congressional action on important clean energy tax measures.

“As we approach Tax Day on April 15, BCSE urges Congress to support legislation to provide durable tax policy that is equitable across eligible clean energy technologies.

“Renewable energy, energy efficiency and natural gas deliver jobs, increased economic growth, greater energy productivity and fewer emissions for the United States. This market dynamism and success is partly credited to tax policy frameworks that have benefitted some, but not all, clean energy technologies.

“Current law provides a mix of tax incentives for the production of energy and for investment in plant property for a range of technologies. It also includes incentives in the areas of sustainable transportation and energy efficiency.

“While Congress has made significant inroads on tax policy, much remains to be done in these important sectors. The tax code is currently structured in a manner that puts otherwise competitive clean energy technologies at a disadvantage in the marketplace. In the renewable energy sector, these technologies include: biomass, geothermal, landfill gas, waste to energy, hydropower, marine and hydrokinetic.

“Additionally, extensions and some modifications are needed for credits related to energy efficiency, energy storage and geothermal technologies. Finally, all these technologies should be eligible for Master Limited Partnerships which would use tax structures to drive private investment into infrastructure.” Jacobson said.

For a complete copy of Jacobson’s March testimony go here.