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BCSE In Action

July 12, 2016

Contact: Laura Tierney
Email: [email protected]
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Clean Energy Businesses Encouraged by Action on Energy Legislation

Washington, DC - Business Council for Sustainable Energy President Lisa Jacobson issued the following statement following Senate action today to appoint conferees and proceed with energy legislation, S.2012, the Energy Policy Modernization Act.

"We look forward to working with Congress to finalize legislation this year with meaningful provisions for clean energy by building upon the foundation of the bipartisan provisions that have been negotiated over the past months and years.

"Today's energy mix in the United States is radically different from that of a generation ago and clean energy technologies, such as natural gas, renewable energy, and energy efficiency, are essential to U.S. environmental objectives, energy policy goals, and to U.S. economic growth. Policies must be balanced in order to optimize our energy mix and flexible compliance alternatives. These policies may include federal land management, long-term contracting, and transmission planning among others."

"We are pleased Congress will move forward to work out the details in a number of areas of particular interest to clean energy industries, including the hydropower licensing improvements and energy efficiency provisions. We look forward to working with conferees to improve these provisions throughout the conference process.

"In the area of energy efficiency, BCSE will work to preserve the Senate-passed Sensible Accounting to Value Energy Act, or SAVE Act, which would bring transparency, accuracy, and security to the home appraisal and mortgage underwriting processes, and help finance energy efficient homes and retrofits.

"We will also work to maintain provisions to increase Federal energy efficiency through the use of Energy Savings Performance Contracts, which will create vitally needed jobs in local markets. Additionally, BCSE supports provisions which would require the Department of Energy to establish a federal Smart Building Program to implement intelligent building technology and demonstrate the costs and benefits of smart buildings and provisions to accelerate the transition to smart buildings in the public, institutional, and commercial building sectors.

"BCSE is encouraged by the Senate vote today and believes the enactment of meaningful clean energy provisions this year would provide an incremental step to continue and expand federal energy policy as we shift toward a modernized grid," Jacobson said.

Download the full press release here.