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BCSE In Action

July 30, 2014

Contact: Laura Tierney
Email: [email protected]
Office: 202.785.0507

Statement on EPA Public Hearing on Proposed Clean Power Plan
BCSE Makes Comments During Second Day of Washington, DC Hearing

Washington, DC - The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) released the following statement regarding comments made by Zoe Berkery, Manager of Federal Policy for the Council at the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) public hearing this morning in Washington, DC on the proposed Clean Power Plan regulating carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants.

“BCSE applauds the EPA’s release of the proposed Clean Power Plan. It demonstrates that the United States is prepared to take meaningful steps to address climate change. Decisions made in corporate boardrooms and on Main Streets across the US provide confidence that the business sector has never been better prepared than we are today to step up to the challenge of climate change and meet emissions reduction targets.“

“According to the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook from Bloomberg New Energy Finance and BCSE, the use of lower and zero carbon energy sources has grown. Natural gas production and consumption hit an all-time high in 2013, and 94% of all new electric power capacity built in the US since 1997 has come in the form of natural gas plants or renewable energy facilities. Thus the use of these viable and affordable clean energy technologies in the energy efficiency, renewable energy and natural gas sectors offer commercially-available options to reduce emissions.”

“The Council commends the EPA for using output-based metrics in establishing the standard and for adopting a system-wide approach to compliance, which will allow renewable energy, natural gas and energy efficiency to play a role in helping states meet their emission reduction targets. BCSE strongly supports the inclusion of state flexibility in the proposed rule. States have the freedom to craft their own compliance pathway to meet their state target, which is critical for cost-effective compliance. “

“However, there are a number of areas in the proposed rule that the BCSE seeks further clarification.” Some issues requiring clarification include, crediting for interstate energy imports and exports, EM&V for demand side energy efficiency and for renewables, guidance on private sector energy efficiency projects, and compliance actions taken prior to the interim compliance period beginning in 2020, among others.

"BCSE views the proposed Clean Power Plan as a historic opportunity to build upon current trends in the US energy sectors and diversify the nation's energy portfolio. This will lead to increased energy security, job creation and a stronger economy. The economic opportunities for states and industry alike are significant and BCSE looks forward to working with you to refine the rule and move forward in this process.”

Download press release here.