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BCSE In Action

January 30, 2018

Contact: Laura Tierney
Email:  [email protected]
Office: 202.785.0507

BCSE Response to State of the Union Address

Washington, DC – Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) President, Lisa Jacobson, made the following statement in response to President Trump’s State of the Union address.

“The Council is pleased the President is making modernization and improvements to U.S. infrastructure a priority for his Administration.

“Energy is critical infrastructure and powers other critical infrastructure assets. Energy infrastructure includes pipelines, the electric grid, buildings, lighting systems and the technologies that connect and optimize the energy system. Resilience and reliability issues are paramount.

“The portfolio of currently available clean energy technologies and services in the energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy sectors – working with energy storage, demand response and micro-grids, among other technologies and services – is meeting the needs of the grid affordably and reliably today and can meet the needs of an evolving electric grid into the future, while also improving the nation’s building stock.

“The public and private sectors must work together to spur investment in the nation’s infrastructure assets. Further, federal proposals should consider policy and incentives that facilitate long-term planning and infrastructure investment and maintaining support for energy efficiency.

“The members of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy in the renewable energy, energy efficiency and natural gas sectors, offer their expertise to the Administration and the Congress as they address the nation’s infrastructure challenges.”

Please see the Council’s discussion paper on infrastructure policy here.

Download this press release.