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BCSE Releases Recommendations for Energy and Climate Change Policy

Today, the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) released its Recommendations for Energy and Climate Change Policy, which will inform our advocacy and the consideration of policy and legislative proposals in the next Congress and administration as well as at the international, state and local levels.

In the midst of the transition to cleaner fuels and technologies, and in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and the intensifying challenges presented by climate change, there is a need for “energy policy” to take on its broadest definition. Holistic energy legislation must include infrastructure, finance, digitalization, workforce development, and sound science.

Crafting policy to address these overlapping challenges, while delivering on the energy values of American consumers, is a tall order. However, the intersections offer opportunities for stacked benefits. BCSE’s Recommendations for Energy and Climate Change Policy provides a foundation based on 30 years of business experience across clean energy industries to guide policymakers’ approaches to these issues.

BCSE members have worked to build the American clean energy economy over a range of policy environments and have distilled the approaches that create the best outcomes for the customer and the climate. The BCSE’s policy recommendations will allow clean energy to lead the economic recovery and accelerate action on climate change

The Council offers a set of principles and recommendations to ensure that energy and climate change policy is aligned with the needs of clean energy industries and consumers so that investments are effective, and their benefits are lasting. The Council’s principles recognize that Americans are looking for reliable, affordable, resilient and clean energy – and that the energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy industries can deliver on these values.

About the Authors: Lisa Jacobson is President of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy and Emily Duncan is the Chairman, BCSE Board of Directors and Director, Federal Government Relations for National Grid US.