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BCSE In Action

February 18, 2016

Contact: Laura Tierney
Email: [email protected]
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BCSE Praises Virginia’s Commitment to the Accord for a New Energy Future
Continued Leadership on Clean Energy Will Bring Jobs and Economic Benefit to State

Washington, DC - The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) released the following statement from BCSE President Lisa Jacobson regarding Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe joining 16 other governors in signing the Governors Accord for a New Energy Future, a joint commitment announced Tuesday to take action to promote clean energy, clean transportation choices, modernize energy infrastructure, and plan for a new energy future:

“The Council commends Governor McAuliffe and this bipartisan group of governors for coming together to state their commitment towards diversifying the clean energy economy. The Accord recognizes that by deploying cleaner and more efficient energy solutions, we can make our national economy more productive and resilient.

“Virginia, like much of the country, is already shifting away from coal to low-cost, low-carbon natural gas. And while renewables account for a small amount of Virginia’s power mix today, a study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) and BCSE found that the state has several renewable technologies that compare favorably on cost with more traditional energy sources. The study also found that Virginia ranks near the bottom of the list in terms of overall efficiency efforts: State utilities spend a small fraction of electricity revenues toward achieving voluntary efficiency goals, however, not only will efficiency investments lower carbon emissions, but, done right, they also will lower customers’ bills.

“With today’s changing electricity markets, Virginia is well-prepared to meet the carbon-reduction goals established in the Clean Power Plan (CPP), particularly considering its commitment to continue planning for the CPP despite the recent stay by the Supreme Court.

“The energy solutions are at the forefront of the clean energy transformation that is occurring around the US are described in detail in the recently released Sustainable Energy in America Factbook produced in partnership by BCSE and BNEF.

“The Council is pleased to see so many state governors showcasing their commitment to working together to promote clean energy technologies and policies in order to create a stronger energy future for their individual states and the nation.”

The bipartisan group of 17 governors – Gov. Sandoval (R-NV), Gov. Baker (R-MA), Gov. Branstad (R-IA), Gov. Snyder (R-MI), Gov. Malloy (D-CT), Gov. Markell (D-DE), Gov. Ige (D-HI), Gov. Dayton (D-MN), Gov. Hassan (D-NH), Gov. Cuomo (D-NY), Gov. Brown (D-OR), Gov. Wolf (D-PA), Gov. Raimondo (D-RI), Gov. Shumlin (D-VT) and Gov. McAuliffe (D-VA) – signed the Governors Accord for a New Energy Future which is intended to provide these participating governors with a platform through which their states will collaborate and leverage partnerships in energy planning and policymaking.

Download the full press release.