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BCSE In The News

BCSE names Pennsylvania attractive state for clean energy investment

Daily Energy Insider, June 24, 2016
By Jessica Limardo

The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) named Pennsylvania one of the most attractive states for clean energy investment on Tuesday due to the state’s abundant access to low-cost natural gas and its renewable energy infrastructure.

“Pennsylvania has a strong and growing base of sustainable energy to support its implementation of EPA’s Clean Power Plan,” BCSE President Lisa Jacobson said. “Pennsylvania’s national leadership on natural gas, combined with expanding wind, hydro, efficiency and other sustainable resources, give the Keystone State many options for new areas of clean energy investment. In doing so, Pennsylvania can continue to attract new investment and jobs across the energy sector.”

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) and the BCSE conducted an energy market research analysis and found that coal and nuclear are the most heavily relied upon fuel sources in the nation for electricity generation. There are many emerging renewable fuel options, including wind and solar power, which can ensure that the U.S. can sustain its energy demand with less carbon-intense fuels.

Pennsylvania has already started investing in renewable energy, including natural gas, small hydroelectric technology and onshore wind farms. Renewable sources are cost-effective and are expected to both increase green energy investment in the state and boost the energy job market.

A recent report conducted by BNEF also found that Pennsylvania is already 93 percent of the way to its 2015 energy savings goals, and the state is now working towards its 2025 goals.