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Clean Energy Industries Commend Historic Committee Action on Market-Based Climate & Energy Bill


Request Changes to More Rapidly Deploy Existing Low-Carbon Technologies and Energy Sources

Washington, DC, May 18, 2009:The Business Council for Sustainable Energy, an industry coalition of energy efficiency, renewable energy and natural gas businesses and trade associations, commends members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee for starting action today on the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACESA).  As consideration of the bill goes forward, the Council urges improvements in the legislation to achieve the cost containment, energy independence and environmental benefits of existing clean energy sources and technologies.

“The beginning of Committee action on this comprehensive energy and climate change bill is historic and marks an essential step in the enactment of a federal, market-based climate change program,” Council President Lisa Jacobson remarked. 

The legislation includes important elements, but, in many areas, it must be improved to more aggressively drive clean energy investments.  Inclusion of strong clean energy provisions in the bill is essential – especially in the early years of the program – to reduce the costs of greenhouse gas reductions for businesses and consumers. 

The bill contains several critical energy provisions such as a renewable electricity standard and building and industrial energy efficiency programs.  It also includes a federal, market-based greenhouse gas emission reduction program that directs a portion of allowances to states to increase renewable energy generation and energy efficiency and that allows for emissions offsets.  Council members seek significant changes to several of these provisions to provide a more robust market signal to accelerate investments in existing clean energy options.

“More should be done to strengthen the legislation to truly move the nation toward a clean energy economy and lower the costs of the program through greater use of efficiency, renewable energy, and natural gas,” Ms. Jacobson said.

To download a copy of the press release, please click here.